Ali Asghar Dashti

Ali Asghar Dashti is a Tehran-based director and dramaturge. He is the artistic director and founder of the Don Quixote theater group and has directed more than twenty performances, both in theatre and performance arts, since 1997. 

He was the assistant artistic director of the 36th International Fadjr theater festival and the curator and director of the Alternative Forms section during the 38th International Fadjr theater festival. 

His focus is on mixing various artistic forms and their influence on contemporary humans in society. He has adapted various novels and texts, such as “The Little Prince”, “Don Quixote”, and “Pinnochio”, to theatre using traditional Iranian performance styles. 

His plays have been acclaimed at festivals such Zürcher Theater Spektakl, Fadjr International Theater Festival, Theater der Künste Zürich, Teatro Salauno, etc.

His latest work “Fore(named)” won the Grand Prix of 37th International Fadjr festival in 2019. The show was supposed to have its world premiere at May 2020 in the framework of Kunstenfestivaldesarts when Covid-19 put the whole world on pause. 

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