Re-connect online performance festival

Re-connect Online Performance Festival was a joint project between NH theatre agency, Ctrl+Z Theater Group and Bohemi Theater Group in response to the global pandemic of Covid-19. This festival meant to bring artists from around the world together as an act of solidarity.
We initiated the festival to network and to bring joy to artists and their audience. The first edition of Reconnect Online Performance Festival took place between March 25-April 17, 2020 in 3 sections of Live Performances, Lectures and Panel Discussions.
The festival aims to bring artists from all around the world together as an act of solidarity.
This Festival is a nonprofit volunteer activity and an invitation to participate in a group to create an alternative space for artists.
During the 20 days of the festival, our program consisted of 20 Panel Discussions and 45 Performances featuring through Instagram Live Streaming (selected among 122 applications we received globally).
The International Curating board of the Festival included: Fariborz Karimi, Nima Dehghani, Sepehr Sharifzadeh, Meera Krishna & Lakshmi Venkataraman from Prakriti Foundation, India, Liu Xiaoyi of Emergency Stairs, Singapore and Erica McCalman of Art Oracle, Australia.

We hope that all together, with joining forces we could take a step in the interests of society, the arts, and the human connections.

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