About Us

NH theater agency is the first Iranian international theatre agency, initiated as a subgroup of the Nowrouzehonar institute of art & culture. It was co-founded by Sepehr Sharifzadeh as a theatre agency and consultancy firm for festivals.

Our main goal is to facilitate the cultural exchange between Iran and the world through performing arts. We both promote Iranian shows abroad and assist the local festivals in curating their international program. we bring you Live arts in the fields of alternative, puppet, and object theatre, documentary, experimental theater, installations, and contemporary music from the young generation of artists to international festivals.

Up to date, we have co-founded two independent artist-led festivals locally, and internationally including the Microtheater festival, and Re-connect online performance festival.


What we offer:

1. Consultation: Advising festival management; from Designing applications, Marketing, Programming, etc.

2. Audience Development: Help building your relationship with your existing and potential audience, designing special programs, route-map.

3. Networking: From Tehran with Love to the rest of the world. 

Remember: Networking always comes with Iranian Pistachios and Sweets! 

4. Curating: We help you to curate a program based on your budget, audiences, scale, and venues.

5. Organizing: We help organize festivals in collaboration with other companies.