Director and Playwright Keyvan Sarreshteh

About the Show

Apart-ment is the story of a boy and the different apartments he has lived in. The boy is the performer, the director and the writer of the play and the play is the story of his life. Apart-ment is an attempt to show a life, as it was lived, in different apartments, in different neighborhoods, in a city experiencing rapid change. The show does not use any real images, videos or even props. There is only a performer,
a bucket of water and a sponge. The performer draws the plan of each house as he remembers it and recounts the memories associated with each corner of each room.
With different rooms and different objects, different memories are evoked and a
picture of the life of the middle-class family in Tehran starts to take shape.


Previous Shows

  • Mowje-No Theater (Tehran, Iran – December 2015)
  • Wiener Festwochen (Vienna, Austria – May 2019)
  • MESS Festival – Online Edition (Sarajevo, Bosnia – Corona Autumn 2020 – Streaming Recorded Version)


Show Duration 40 mins

Audience Suitability General

Stage Size Min 7m wide x 5m depth

Venue Black-box

Touring Member 4

For more information and booking
Raha Rajabi

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