Microleev is a collaborative project/festival between Leev Theater Group and the NH theatre agency. It

The two companies joined forces to organize the festival after the first successful edition by Leev Theater Group (2012). The festival changed the common structure of a festival and resulted in a fusion structure of season repertoire and intense festivals days. The Performances are being presented on the first Saturday of each month for 6 months in the year and then a repertoire of the performance will be held for 7 days along with panel discussions and lectures.
The 2nd edition took place in 2015 with the help of Mowje-No Theater (partner venue) as a joint research-oriented project to provide a creative platform for artists from any discipline to come together along with other artists and produce a Micro Theater for the festival. The performances being curated for the festival in 2 ways
1. Curated 
2. Open call

The performances from different editions of the festival have been successfully toured in Iran and abroad in different festivals.

Keyvan Sarreshteh was the Artistic Director of the festival from 2015 till 2019.