(c) Nurith Wagner-Strauss

Concept by Keyvan Sarreshteh and Zahra Mohseni

Director and Playwright Keyvan Sarreshteh

Perfomer Keyvan Sarreshteh

Dramaturge Zahra Mohseni

Director’s Assistant Ramin Ziaee

About the Show

Timescape is the story of a time traveler with memory problems, told by a narrator who has a problem staying in the moment. When the Time traveler can no longer find his way back to the beginning of his journey, he anchors himself to others in the hope of feeling “belonged” to something once more.
A semi-fictional, semi-documentary work, Timescape uses the real-life experiences of its performer to explore concepts of loss, memory, and permanence.

(c) Nurith Wagner-Strauss

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Show Duration 70 mins

Audience Suitability General

Stage Size Min 7m wide x 8m depth

Venue Black-box

Touring Member 4

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