About the Show:

The story is about a person who is looking for something inside the human body. In his search, the story is built upon the character’s confrontation with his surroundings and the changes he made.

His actions are based on a combination of different myths from different cultures about the world after death.

About the Company:

Dast Studio was formed in 2013, focusing on creating puppet shows for an adult audience.

“Vincent the Dutch”, “Aloud Solitude”, “At Café” and “Sublimation” are some of the shows that were produced and performed by this group.


Previous Show

  • City Theatre of Tehran (Tehran, Iran, September 2019)
  • 37th International Fadjr Theater Festival (Tehran, Iran, 2019)
  • 17th Tehran-Mobarak International Puppet Festival (Tehran, Iran, August 2018)


Show Duration 40 mins

Audience Suitability +16

Stage Size 4m width x 1.5m depth x 3m height
(2 to 2.5 m distant between the stage and the audience)

Venue Black-box

Touring Member 6

For more information and booking 

Raha Rajabi