Spring Breakdown

Director and Playwright Fariborz Karimi

About the Show

There are four characters: The man and the woman and their minds.
Bahar means spring in Farsi. And also, is a female’s name. The character whose name is Bahar is
trying to keep her memory in the mind of a man falling into the dark, deep layers of forgetfulness. The
story begins with a phone call and ends with a phone call; in the meanwhile, the man loses his
memory. The entire performance takes place in a foreign country (Odesa, Ukraine), but the man
cannot remember where it is.
At the same time, the man accidentally meets Bahar, a stranger who accepts to stay by his side and
not let him get lost in the dark. Both know, however, that what is in between is not a cure, but a plan to
delay the growth of a man’s illness.


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Show Duration 50 mins

Language Persian (with English Subtitles)

Audience Suitability General

Stage Size Min 14m W x 14m D x 4m H

Venue Black-box

Touring Member 8

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Raha Rajabi