I put a spell on you

Choreographer Ehsan Hemat

About the show:

I PUT A SPELL ON YOU is a performance by Iranian choreographer
Ehsan Hemat about externally inflicted inhibitions, which is juxtaposing
the notions of private self versus a totalitarian authority. Three
individuals are locked up in a space where the presence of the
supreme observer is inescapable. Their fragile bodies have lost all
notions of privacy and are in a constant regime of self-discipline.

“The performance ends with a powerful and beautiful scene: the dancer disappears, like a spirit that leaves his body. All that remains is the imprint from the missing body that the thermal camera is able to retain for a moment. Until the last bit of human warmth slowly becomes vaguer and dissolves into nothing.”
Ines Minten / Nov 2018

Previous shows

  • NTGhent, Ghent (December 2022)
  • 54th BITEF – September 2021 (Belgrade)
  • Vrystaat Kunstefees – Corona October 2020 (Bloemfontein campus, South Africa – Streaming Recorded Version)
  • KVS (Brussels, Belgium – November 2019)
  • 37th Fadjr international theater festival (Tehran, Iran – February 2019)
  • Two weeks of technical and choreography development with Gilles Polet (dancer), Yumi Osanai (dancer) and Raf Claes (drone and image) Supported by City Lab Residency @ La Monnaie/ De Muntschouwburg & Gemeenschapscentrum De Linde (November 2017) Followed by a try-out @ KVS (Brussels) in the frame of WIPCOOP program & Mestizoarts platform(November 2017)
  • Two weeks of choreography & text development with dancers: Mostafa Shabkhan and Mitra Ziaei Kia (January 2018) followed by try-out in Tehran at 38th International Fadjr Theater Festival
  • Two weeks of movement and choreography development with dancers Yumi Osanai, Mostafa Shabkhan, Gilles Polet, Mitra Ziai, Ugo Dehaes (drone and image). Supported by workspace Brussels in residency @ Rosas (March 2018) Followed by a try-out at KC Nona in the frame of Nowruz Festival
  • Two weeks of research and development in residency at STUK, Leuven (June 2018)
  • Last phase of development and montage in a residency @ Co-laBo program. Supported by Co – laBo and the Flemish Government (August 2018) Followed by a première at “Love at First Sight Festival” @ Troubleyn.

Upcoming shows:


  • Grand Prix Mira Trailović – 54th BITEF (Belgrade – September 2021)
  • Best Choreography – 37th International Fadjr Theater Festival (Tehran, Iran – February 2019)


Show Duration 60 min

Audience Suitability Adult

Stage Size Min 14m wide x 12m depth x 9m height(no bars)

Venue Black-box

Touring Member 7

For more information and booking

Sepehr Sharifzadeh