From Darkness

Director Ava Darvishi

About the Show

The body is a means to exercise power. The French social theorist, Michel
Foucault proposes the theory of docile bodies by looking at the history of
medicine and the discipline of the human body: a body under the control of the
government and medical system in its most private activities. Setting rules for the
human body and its power, and considering “usefulness” and “obedient” indexes
results in what Foucault calls “political technology of the body”. My body is a
visible and impressible element. A body that evolves in different situations and
affects my life. A body that others form and guide by seeing it.

Watching Ava, or a puppet representing Ava, in front of the audience’s eyes in
order to build an identity. The lights are turned on and what the audience sees is
a manikin, naked, obedient, and asleep; while the actress Ava tells parts of her life
story on the puppet’s body parts, using micro theater technique. At this moment,
the other puppets enter the stage. Puppets who are each an envision of narrator’s
identity. An identity that starts from the narrator’s birth in the hospital and its
existence. The identity that only defined by the surrounding environments like
hospitals and homes and its relationship with other human beings around.


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Show Duration 40 mins

Language Persian (with English Subtitles)

Audience Suitability General

Stage Size Min 6m W x 9m D x 4m H

Venue Black-box

Touring Member 4

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Sepehr Sharifzadeh