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Director and playwright: Parnia Shams Dramaturg: Shahab Rahmani Performers: Parvaneh Zabeh, Yasaman Rasouli, Negar Raoofi, Shadi Safshekan, Mahtab Karimi, Sadaf Maleki, Mahoor Mirzanezhad Plot Summary: Mahoor, a 16 years old girl had immigrated from Rasht city to Tehran and in the middle of the semester, she enters a non-governmental school. She gets into a close […]


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About the Show: The story is about a person who is looking for something inside the human body. In his search, the story is built upon the character’s confrontation with his surroundings and the changes he made. His actions are based on a combination of different myths from different cultures about the world after death. […]

I put a spell on you

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About the show: I PUT A SPELL ON YOU is a performance by Iranian choreographer Ehsan Hemat about externally inflicted inhibitions, which is juxtaposing the notions of private self versus a totalitarian authority. Three individuals are locked up in a space where the presence of the supreme observer is inescapable. Their fragile bodies have lost […]


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About the show is a semi-documentary show about the trip of Director to St. Petersburg in order to do a collaboration with a festival; his proposed show will be based on 3 texts; Dostoyevsky’s “White Nights”, Pushkin’s “The Little Tragedies”, and “One Thousand and One Nights”. After 75% of the show was prepared and rehearsed, the […]

Simin and Farzan

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MaaHee Theatre Group Director and playwright: Fahimeh Abedini (based on Alexander Pushkin’s Russlan and Lyudmila) Plot This is a love story between a princess and a knight; Simin & Farzan. It’s their wedding night when in an unexpected event Simin gets kidnapped. Farzan begins a journey, he meets new people, passes different obstacles and overcomes […]


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About the Show Apart-ment is the story of a boy and the different apartments he has lived in. The boy is the performer, the director and the writer of the play and the play is the story of his life. Apart-ment is an attempt to show a life, as it was lived, in different apartments, […]

Flight No. 745

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Plot It is the story of a woman who fled from Iran as a child in the beginning years of Iran-Iraq war for immigration and now after 30 years, she is on her way back to sell their house in Iran. This show is about her bright childhood and her challenge to rebuild all those […]